Zoo-phonics consists of daily language arts lessons:  alphabet instruction, phonemic awareness, literature, oral language, pre-writing activites, handwriting, sound blending and word building, and other concepts of print.

Essences of Zoo-phonics-

  • The Animals help children remember the shapes and sounds of the letters.
  • Letter sounds are taught before letter names.
  • Lowercase letters are taught before capital letters.
  • The body-movement for each animal letter helps "cement" the phonemic information into memory.
  • The alphabet is taught sequentially, and as a whole entity, a-z.
  • Short vowels are taught before long vowels.
  • Phonemic patterns are taught first, rather than random words lists.

In Zoo-phonics, we teach the phases of the language process through the concept of "The Hierarchy of Learning".  These stages are first, listening, and then speaking, reading and writing.

For more information you can visit http://zoo-phonicsathome.com


  July 2020  
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